Comprehensive Dentistry

What is Comprehensive Dentistry? Why Do I Need It?


Comprehensive dentistry is unlike any dentistry you have experienced before and involves far more care than simply treating cavities. Our doctors and staff believe in providing comprehensive care to all patients allowing us to not only benefit your oral health but also utilize our skills to improve your overall health.

Over the past few years the link between systemic (whole body) and oral health has been proven stronger and stronger. With comprehensive dental care we are looking to prevent dental disease including gingivitis, periodontal disease and cavities. With this in mind if we are able to prevent dental disease we can save your financial resources while also increasing your overall health and possibly preventing other medical complications.

Along with preventing tooth decay and gum disease our doctors will be looking for signs of occlusal disease (clenching/grinding), oral cancer, muscular disorders and other head and neck conditions. During your first visit and subsequent routine visits in our office Drs. Catron & Keally will complete thorough examinations looking for any signs or symptoms of these diseases. If a concern is found they will outline the necessary steps needed to best diagnose and treat that condition while keeping you informed throughout the steps.

For comprehensive dentistry to be effective both the patient and the doctor must commit to an ongoing relationship. Our recommendations for office visit intervals and follow ups will be determined on a case by case basis with the goal of controlling all risk factors and allowing you the patient to maintain healthy natural teeth for all of your life.

Some patients choose to not participate in comprehensive care; in these cases they are interested in treatment for acute pain or an acute concern. Both doctors are happy to provide emergency dental services in these situations allow us to quickly resolve the patients concerns. Again, each situation for a patient is different and this is why our office provides personalized care for each patient allows to focus on the patients concerns why providing the best dental care in the area.

If you have any questions on the topics discussed or are interested in comprehensive care for you and your family please call our office at 859.744.0200, email me at [email protected] or our office at [email protected]

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