We are excited about the level of technology we are able to offer within our office and are confident that it is unrivaled in our area. For years our team has committed to offering the very best for our patients and without a doubt our technology is another example of this. We have the ability to capture 3D images, Intraoral Digital Scans, Digital Xrays and utilization of a dental laser.

Our CBCT is the only one utilized in Winchester and our office is one of a few general dental practices to have one. We are happy to use the 3D capabilities to view, diagnosis and treatment plan for a wide array of procedures including dental implants and TMJ therapy. Using 3D imaging we can treatment plan and execute implant overdentures, hybrids and all on 4 procedures. We know that proper planning is the key to success with these procedures and we have heavily invested to be able to care for you and your family in the best manner possible.This machine along with our extensive training can help us locate issues that many other offices have missed or been unable to find. The CBCT can also be utilized in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. These images can then be shared amongst your dental team to aid in all aspects of care. 

Our 3Shape Trios scanner allows for impressions to be made digitally and for us to no longer "torture" you with the old goo. These impressions for crowns, veneers, implants, sleep apnea devices, bite guards or when paired with our CBCT we can provide fully guided implant surgery meaning we know where that implant is done to the tenth of a millimeter, for even more accuracy. Being one of the first offices with both a CBCT and a Trios means we have dentists from across Kentucky in our office constantly looking to see how amazing this technology is not only for the dentist but most importantly for our patients.

Along with our new 3D technology we are still on the cutting edge with our Biolase iPlus laser and again are one of less than 10 office in Central and Eastern Kentucky to offer such advanced care. Our laser can at times allow for fillings to be done in a pain free environment without anesthetics, meaning NO PAIN, NO NEEDLES and shorter appointments. Our dental laser can also be used to treat Herpes lesions, for frenulectomy (tongue tied) and a number of other soft tissue treatmenst like biopsies.

Both of our doctors provide implant therapy by placing Biohorizons implants which are among the world's best. Using laserlok technology along with a host of proprietary patents our implants are able to provide true and long lasting tooth replacement. If you are in need of bone grafting for dental implast we are also able to work with Biohorizons to provide the highest level of care possible. Working closely with a company such as Biohorizons keeps our office ahead of the curve and ready to provide you with the smile you have always dreamed of.

Our commitment to our patients is one reason we are the only office in our area to utilize all of this technology and to streamline our patients experience. A better, faster and easier dental visit means more time to enjoy the rest of life's blessings.



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