The Value of a Treatment Plan

By Carson P. Keally, DMD
August 27, 2014
Category: General Dentistry

The first step in any long-term task or goal is to have a plan to get to the finish line.  Your oral health and dental goals should be no different, that is why you should always have an up to date treatment plan outlining each step along the way.  Our office attempts to educate our patients about the reasons for treatment, the alternatives, risks and the timeline for treatment before we begin.  Starting off with a detailed plan insures that everyone involved from the patient to the office staff know exactly what the long-term goals are.

One of the ways we accomplish this in our Winchester office is our consultation appointments following a new patient exam or a comprehensive exam of an existing patient.  The comprehensive exam allows our doctors to gather all information not only about a patients teeth, but also to gather information about the patient’s dental goals. Following this exam at our consultation appointment we will display intraoral photographs and radiographs to our patients, while reviewing a customized treatment plan to resolve any existing disease, problems or patient concerns.  We will review all treatment options and answer any questions that the patients may have about a specific treatment or why we are recommending one treatment over another.  This one on one time is a great resource for all cases, from the less invasive cases to more complex implant and cosmetic cases.

These consultation appointments usually last 10-20 minutes and Drs. Catron and Keally are happy to provide them at no cost to our patients.  This consultation allows us to give each patient an itemized printout of all treatment to be done, and the patient is able to leave our office with a clear timeline for completion as well as all fees associated with treatment.  Although plans sometimes change, we hope that these detailed treatment plans and consultation appointments allow for an open line of communication between the patient, doctors and office staff.

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