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In a previous blog post we discussed what comprehensive dentistry is and why our office believes in offering the best care and experience for our patients. This journey into comprehensive care begins with your new patient experience in our office. Your first visit with our doctors will be unique to your dental health, needs and your overall dental wants.

From our perspective this new patient experience is about developing a relationship with each patient along with gathering all pertinent dental information. Because of this our doctors are going to spend time with each patient, learning about you the person, your background and your desires. Our doctors will perform a thorough examination including an oral cancer screening, periodontal exam, dental exam, occlusal analysis and a TMJ exam. During this exam our doctors will take photographs of your teeth, smile and occlusion allowing patients to see what they see and participate in treatment decisions.

In addition to our doctors exam our staff will take a full mouth series of radiographs giving us detailed information on your teeth, bone structures and periodontal status. Our staff will also take a panoramic radiograph allowing us to see the “big picture” along with other structures like your TMJ, maxillary sinuses and jaw structures. These radiographs will be reviewed by your dentist for any sign of disease, malformation or irregularity and presented to you at your consultation appointment.

In many instances this will conclude your new patient appointment, but in some cases we take impressions of your current dentition. When taking impressions we will also get a bite registration and complete a facebow transfer allowing for us to put your models together accurately. These models will be used for further analysis of your current status and for planning for your future dental needs/wants.

Following you new patient experience you will be scheduled for a free consultation with your dentist to review all the information gathered during your exam and found on your radiographs. Your photos will be presented to you along with a treatment plan or plans detailing the steps from now until completion. These options may include tooth colored fillings, dental implants, veneers, crowns, root canals or even orthodontic tooth movements. One of our treatment coordinators will review your insurance coverage along with all financial options (in office financing, CareCredit, etc.). From this point we can proceed with scheduling necessary office visits.

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