3D Imaging

December 07, 2018
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As our patients are quickly learning we are now utilizing the Acteon Trium CBCT, and we are continually impressed with the increased level of care we are able to provide. The use of 3D Dental Imaging as be in use for a few years, but is new to our office and certainly new to Winchester. From dental implants to chronic pain we are able to visualize, diagnosis and explain treatment at a much higher level. Being the only office in our area with this level of technology and precision we are continuing to see new patients visit our office in hope of answers to years of pain or ill-fitting prosthetics.

Our CBCT allows for us to view your bones, teeth and oral structures in full 3D. This means we can manipulate these images to find hidden problems and infections. We have been able to locate issue that were not previously viewable on routine digital radiographs and certainly wouldn't have been seen on the old film x-rays. 

In summary the use of 3D imaging not only distinguishes us from other dental offices, it allows for better patient outcomes. Each day we strive to provide excellence to very patient just as we would want for our families. For these reasons we are happy to offer Winchester's only CBCT and to be Winchester's premier dentist! If you are suffering from dental pain, interested in dental implants or would like a more thorough examination please call us today (859.744.0200) or visit smileky.com to learn more about our doctors and our philosophy.


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